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Why donate to PTM?

We support those who do God's work. We offer websites and technical consulting at prices that let churches and ministries save hundreds or thousands of dollars. These savings can then go into their ministry, rather than into the pocket of a for profit technical company. Technical Services aren't cheap but they are necessary. That's why PTM was founded - to give churches and Ministries an economical alternative.
Won't you help us continue to provide thse services? Right now, we are just making enough to pay our expenses. Our staff is currently all part-time volunteers but if we could afford a full-time staff, we could help many more churches and non-profits than we can now. You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation. Even $5 or $10/month would help!
 We know times are tough. But they're even tougher for non-profits and churches. By donating to us, you can help us help dozens, maybe even hundreds, of ministries!

PTM Hails FCC Ruling on Net Neutrailty

Pittsburgh Tech Ministry is delighted at the FCC ruling protecting Net Neutrality by declaring the Intenet a Public Utility! This will protect the openness of the internet and allow small companies and innovators to continue offer new and unique services without being priced out of the fast lanes by the "big boys." Without Net Neutrality we wouldn't have the internet we have today. Thank you FCC for listening to the millions of people who sent emails, letters, etc!

What is Pittsburgh Tech Ministries?

Pittsburgh Tech Ministries is a Christian, Pittsburgh based non-profit that offers
Technical Consulting to churches and non-profits
Web Development to churches and non-profits
Technical Training to people looking for a new job skills who are interested in web development

 We offer full featured websites and hosting services at rock bottom prices and free training in return for volunteer work upon completion. We help people help themselves and we help non-profits and churches build their communities and ministries with the help of modern technology.


You don't have to be in Pittsburgh to use our services. You don't even have to be in the western PA area. We help churches as far away as Lima, Peru!


When you choose PTM over a commercial provider, you can be sure that you are supporting an organization that shares your values and your faith. We strive to serve God by empowering people to use their gifts to spread the Gospel and help others. You can help by pointing others to our site, donating or volunteering.


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Hours of Operation

Pgh Tech Ministries Office Hours: Mon 11am - 7 pm and Fri 11am -7pm EDT
Email Support: Monday - Sat
Emails are answered within 48 hrs — usually within 24 hrs or less
Emergency Response: Mon-Sun
Demos and Training: By appointment
Evening hours can be arranged
Closed Sundays
We only respond to emergencies on Sunday in order to honor the Sabbath

Cool Tools Spotlight

Livescribe SmartPens

Liz, our Founder, takes her Smartpen to every meeting so that she doesn't miss a single detail to help our clients build a better website...a better ministry...a better community!
Livescribe Smartpens are a must for students, educators, administrators, and anyone who needs to remember or share oral, written or graphical information. Record everything you hear, write and draw. Save and share interactive notes to your computer, iPad™ or iPhone™.
While you're writing, your Smartpen is remembering–linking everything you hear to everything you write. Later, simply tap on your notes in your smart notebook to replay the recording. Now you can find and get what you need, instantly, with a tap.

Terms to Learn

CMS (Content Management System)

A Content Management System or CMS as it is commonly called is a database driven system that manages content for a website.  Today's social networking sites and other sites that let you log in and manage them from your web browser are usually CMSes.