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Why donate to PTM?

We support those who do God's work. We offer websites and technical consulting at prices that let churches and ministries save hundreds or thousands of dollars. These savings can then go into their ministry, rather than into the pocket of a for profit technical company. Technical Services aren't cheap but they are necessary. That's why PTM was founded - to give churches and Ministries an economical alternative.
Won't you help us continue to provide thse services? Right now, we are just making enough to pay our expenses. Our staff is currently all part-time volunteers but if we could afford a full-time staff, we could help many more churches and non-profits than we can now. You can make a one-time donation or set up a recurring donation. Even $5 or $10/month would help!
 We know times are tough. But they're even tougher for non-profits and churches. By donating to us, you can help us help dozens, maybe even hundreds, of ministries!

What our customers say . . .

As webmaster and graphic designer for Anglicans for Life, I have had the honor of knowing and working with Liz and Pittsburgh Tech Ministries for three years.
Liz and her team are gifted with insight and attention to detail and have always willingly provided help and support throughout the many phases of the AFL custom-designed website.
Liz has been willing to go the extra mile either by online chat, conference call, and/or  in-person meeting to design the website to AFL’s specifications.
Please contact me—I would love to share more of my positive experiences with Liz and the Pittsburgh Tech Team.

Lisa Faulkner,

What is Pittsburgh Tech Ministries?

Pittsburgh Tech Ministries is a Christian, Pittsburgh based non-profit that offers
Technical Consulting to churches and non-profits
Web Development to churches and non-profits
Technical Training to people looking for a new job skills who are interested in web development
 We offer full featured websites and hosting services at rock bottom prices and free training in return for volunteer work upon completion. We help people help themselves and we help non-profits and churches build their communities and ministries with the help of modern technology.
You don't have to be in Pittsburgh to use our services. You don't even have to be in the western PA area. We help churches as far away as Lima, Peru!
When you choose PTM over a commercial provider, you can be sure that you are supporting an organization that shares your values and your faith. We strive to serve God by empowering people to use their gifts to spread the Gospel and help others. You can help by pointing others to our site, donating or volunteering.

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New Wineskins
Desert Star School
The GOAL Project

Hours of Operation

Pgh Tech Ministries Office Hours: Mon 11am - 7 pm and Fri 11am -7pm EDT
Email Support: Monday - Sat
Emails are answered within 48 hrs — usually within 24 hrs or less
Emergency Response: Mon-Sun
Demos and Training: By appointment
Evening hours can be arranged
Closed Sundays
We only respond to emergencies on Sunday in order to honor the Sabbath

Cool Tools Spotlight



    Linux? What's Linux? To understand what Linux is you have to understand a few other terms first.
Operating System aka OS. An operating system is the software that runs on your computer and talks to the machine and the programs you run on your computer. Operating systems are available in different versions for different platforms. A platform is a family of operating systems. They usually run on specific types of hardware (computer systems). Windows is a platform. Macintosh is a platform. Linux is a platform. Unix is a platform. Of course its not really that simple. Linux and Macintosh are variations of Unix. And Linux has several variations as well. These are sort of like versions - but they may be by different companies or organizations.
So Linux is a platform. Linux is usually installed on PC computers - the kind you run Windows on. There are many varieties of Linux. Some of the most popular are RedHat, Ubuntu, Debian, Fedora and Suse.  These are operating systems. Why should you consider Linux? Here are a few good reasons why non-profits and churches should look at Linux:

Terms to Learn

Hard Drive

Your Hard Drive is where your computer stores the programs you run and all your documents, photes, emails, etc. The bigger your hard drive, the more information you can store. Your hard-drive is kind of like your computer's internal filing cabinet. It takes things out when it needs them and puts them away when its done.